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Course on Computer Concept (CCC)


This is a Certificate Course designed to impart knowledge at a basic level in computers for the common man.
Benefits: On successful completion of the course, the incumbent is enabled to use a computer for basic purposes of preparing personal/business letters, viewing information on Internet (the Web), sending mails, preparing business presentations. Small business communities, house-wives would be able to maintain their accounts using computers.


No pre-requisite qualifications are required by candidates to undergo this course. An elementary knowledge of English is, however, expected of the candidates.
Duration: The total duration of the course is 80 hours, consisting of:
i) Theory 25 hours
ii) Tutorials 5 hours
iii) Practicals 50 hours
The course could ideally be a two weeks intensive course. Who can conduct the course: Institutes conducting any of the O/A/B/C Level accredited courses may conduct the Course on Computer Concepts. No separate accreditation is required for such institutes. However, the institutes conducting the O/A/B/C Level accredited courses are required to inform DOEACC Society in writing and obtain permission before the commencement of the course.


Examination for the certificate course will be conducted by the DOEACC Society initially twice a year.

S.No Events Examinations
January May September
Date of commencement of Sale of Forms 1st October 1st February 1st June
Closing date for the receipt of filled Forms at DOEACC Society 30th November 31st March 31st July
Date of commencement of Theory Examination 4th Sunday of January 4th Sunday of May 4th Sunday of September
Fee Plan: -
1.   The Examination form costs Rs.20/-.
      The Examination Fee is Rs.340/-.
2.   Provision of Late Fee

Examination forms can be submitted with late fee @ Rs. 50/- per Examination Application Form. The last date of receipt of such forms shall be 10 days after the receipt of Examination forms without late fee.
Application Proforma for Conduct of CCC Course Click here

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